The Colorado Traveling Gavel Makes It To Marquis de Lafayette Masonic Lodge #41 & Back Again

After having caught wind of our adventures with Pueblo Lodge #17, a lodge of brothers from a neighboring district came to visit our April Stated Communication in impressive numbers to have their opportunity at obtaining the Traveling Gavel for their lodge. The visiting lodge was Marquis de Lafayette #41 from downtown Denver. Visiting us on Tuesday the 13th of April for our regular Stated Communication to acquire the Traveling Gavel for their lodge. They brought 11 brothers to visit and enjoy the night, resulting in a successful acquisition of the gavel from our lodge.

An Evening of Brotherhood

Throughout dinner and the evening we had a great night of brotherhood and laughs. With some brothers catching up with each other after years of not crossing paths, and others getting to know one another for the first time. Enjoying a nice meal from a local Italian Restaurant, located just a few blocks up the street from us on Youngfield. Followed by a fun evening in lodge where aside from our regular duties we were able to discuss ideas for masonry with the brothers, joke around the gavel, and generally have another lively evening in lodge.

freemason riding a goat

Unfortunately the goat was unavailable that evening.

With Some Fraternal Shenanigans

During the evening we learned that Marquis de Lafayette has their Stated Communication the very next night after ours. Once again, a plan was hatched. A few of us merely had to look at each other to know we had the same idea. We swiftly communicated with the other brothers of our lodge, whom also found it to be an amusing idea to go and retrieve the gavel the very next day. We organized the prerequisite number of brothers that it would take to make a successful acquisition, and waited with patience until the next day.

All it took was a few chuckles in the evening and the brothers from Marquis knew something was afoot. They were great sports through the entire evening and we greatly enjoyed their visit. At one point as we were joking that the gavel had been lost and unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to turn it over, their Master levied a fun challenge that they would accept our Masters chair in it’s place. They were willing to help carry it out, Master seated in it and all.

We had a good laugh and proceeded to bestow them with the Traveling Gavel of Colorado Freemasonry. They earned their prize fair and square, who were we to interfere. Although their prank would have been a funny thing to see pulled off if they did.

We promptly responded by joining the Marquis de Lafayette stated communication the following evening to retrieve it once more.

Visiting Marquis de Lafayette #41 Masonic Lodge

On our visit to Marquis de Lafayette #41, we were able to enjoy a number of great attributes of the lodge. The Denver Masonic Building is a historic building and the oldest standing lodge in Colorado. Built in 1884 it has endured the years and a number of events. The interior has wonderful displays of masonry, some from historic masons such as Marquis de Lafayette himself. The lodge room itself is also a sight to behold if you haven’t been. With a formal approach to their entry mixed with the awe of the facility, any visitor could find something to enjoy.

Our evening started with the Marquis de Lafayette fellowship dinner, followed by their stated communication. Upon entry, our neighboring brothers took us on a tour of the facility to teach us a bit about it’s history and show off their spectacle of a lodge room. As we gazed upon the room below, we saw a brother dash in and out of the room, with what looked like the Traveling Gavel box in tow. Once again, it appeared the game was afoot. We enjoyed an evening of brotherhood once again and after a brief game of cat and mouse with the gavel, we ultimately earned back our prize the very next day.

After lodge we enjoyed hanging out and having discussions until late into the evening. Having the pleasure of a great visit, with a combination of educational topics covered throughout the night by a few of their members it was an evening cementing further brotherhood. Our brothers were in agreement that Marquis de Lafayette puts on an impressive display in their lodge with a number of fine tuned details added to heighten the experience. From the entry to the lodge room which in itself has a special process, to the formality of their in lodge conduct, Marquis is an experience to visit.

Marquis de Lafayette 41 & Lakewood Masonic Lodge Traveling Gavel

Marquis de Lafayette #41 & Lakewood Masonic Lodge #170 enjoying an evening of brotherhood in the Denver Masonic Building in Downtown Denver.

The Traveling Gavel is now back in Lakewood after a brief stop at Marquis de Lafayette, and we hope to see more of our neighboring lodges and brothers visiting soon.

Lakewood Masonic Lodge #170

Come visit Lakewood Masonic Lodge #170 on Tuesday, May 11th for a chance to have your lodge acquire the gavel, enjoy a fun night of brotherhood, and maybe a bit of mischief.

Marquis de Lafayette #41 Masonic Lodge

We also encourage brothers and those interested in Freemasonry to also visit Marquis de la Fayette #41 Masonic Lodge in Downtown Denver. They’re a great group of guys and host a nice combination of meet & greet with dinner followed by an impressive display at their stated communication.